Miami Sound Machine

The four original people in the Miami Sound Machine was Gloria, Juan Marcos Avila, Kiki Garcia, and Gloria's husband Emilio. When Gloria and Emilio met was when Emilio was a professional musician who agreed to give Gloria and her friend a few tips. Later on Gloria and Emilio met again at a wedding where Emilio asked her to join the band. Gloria's mom did not like the idea of a girl joining an all boys band so that's why she made Glori'a cousin Merci join the band too. When Gloria was not yet famous, the band was not called the Miami Sound Machine. They were called the Miami Latin Boys. The guys in the Miami Latin Boys were Juan Marcos Avila, Kiki Garcia, and Emilio Estefan. The first time Gloria was comfortable on stage preforming was in 1987.
When Gloria and Emilio had their first child Nayib, Emilio became the band manager while Gloria was on stage preforming.
Raul, the keyboard and saxophone player, married Merci. Raul was bitter that the Estefans were in absolute control of the band. Emilio and Raul had a big argument about this and the Estefans told him if he didnt like how the band was operated he was free to go. Raul left the band in 1982, taking Merci with him. When the named changed to Gloria and the Miami Sound Machine Juan Marcos Avila and Kiki Garcia quit the band. The band fell apart but Gloria kept preforming and was still very successful.